Glue Dots products are not only easy to use, they are easy to buy. Browse our product catalog to find the right adhesive solution for your project and order what you need online—quickly, simply, and securely. Or, find us at one of your favorite retailers.


Glue Dots won’t dry out or crack over time, preserving your projects and displays for years to come.


  • Quick repairs
  • Decorations
  • Invitations
  • Mounting posters
  • Bulletins
  • Gift baskets
  • School projects
  • Artwork
  • And more!


Prepare for any project by stocking up on Glue Dots. With Glue Dots, you’ll be ready for whatever challenges the day brings.

  • Sheets
    With Glue Dots Perforated Sheets, simply tear off what you need. No spills. No mess. No danger of burns. No need to be near an electrical outlet. Instead of a messy drawer full of old bottles of glue, or scattered glue sticks and a glue gun, you can always be prepared with Glue Dots Sheets.


    • ½ inch diameter

    • Available in permanent and removable strengths

    • Poster-strength

  • Dot N Go®
    Do you want the convenience and safety of Glue Dots , as well as an easy way to store and dispense them? Glue Dots Dot N Go® offers glue dots in a dispenser, keeping the dots clean and ready to use in an instant. The dispenser fits in the palm of your hand, in a pocket, or the corner of a drawer.

    Never worry again about glue drying out or leaking. Have what you need, ready anytime for quick repairs, party decorations, invitations, posters, pictures, signs, bulletins, notes, artwork, and school projects.

    Glue Dots Dot N Go® offers 3/8-inch Glue Dots in permanent or removable strengths. Dispense one or multiple dots by simply rolling the dispenser over the surface.


    • 3/8-inch diameter

    • Available in permanent and removable strengths

    • Poster-strength

  • GlueTape™
    GlueTape™ portably and conveniently dispenses double-sided tape, making your projects fast and easy. Do you need perfect lines for cards, scrapbooking, paper crafts, or other lightweight projects? Glue tape gives you the solution you need, without the problems caused by other straight-line adhesive solutions.

    No more wrinkles caused by heavy lines of glue, and no more struggles trying to remove double-sided tape backing. Simply roll out what you need and gently press objects into place, letting GlueTape’s pressure-sensitive adhesives do their job.


    • 5/16 inches x 468 inches

    • Available in permanent and removable strengths

  • Flexible Hang Tabs
    Some decorations need to be solidly attached today and gone tomorrow, making tape or nails an impractical solution. Whether it is holiday lights, your sister’s wedding, an office party, or your child’s special birthday, Flexible Hang Tabs are the perfect adhesive solution.

    With crystal-clear design, Flexible Hang Tabs offer a clean installation, maximizing aesthetics for hanging indoor lights, holiday decorations, balloons, banners, bunting, and more. For weddings, office parties or any other gathering, Flexible Hang Tabs make decorating a breeze.


    • Installation is quick and easy—you don’t want to be struggling until moments before guests arrive

    • Flexible Hang Tabs are secure—decorations stay put throughout the event.

    • Clean up is a breeze with easy removal and no stains or sticky residue

  • Hybribond™ Tape
    What about more permanent home, office, apartment or dorm décor? For long-lasting decorating projects, Hybribond’s unique engineering offers an instant bond to virtually any surface, strongly securing lightweight items—yet you can remove it without damage or staining should you change your mind.
    Hybribond consists of a thin support layer between two thicker adhesive layers, offering the perfect combination of instant, secure adhesion and easy removal. The thick layers of pressure-sensitive adhesives allow the tape to even stick to porous and uneven surfaces.
    With Hybribond, items stay put, but come down when you want them to, with no damage or mess. You can change your mind or move without worrying about fees for damages. In the meantime, your décor stays just like you want it.


    • Hanging or attaching items to walls

    • Using as a third hand to attach baseboards


    • 1 in. x 72 in.

    • Repositionable—medium strength is slightly stronger than removable, but can still be removed from most surfaces without causing damage